Q:  How do I know which night vision device is right for me?

A:  We suggest watching our What is Night Vision? video, reading our First Time Buyer's Guide, and browsing our Night Vision By Use category under SHOP OUR PRODUCTS. You can also write us via our Ask An Expert page or better yet, call us - we LOVE talking to customers about night vision! Like the guy from Key West, Florida who likes to sail to the Bahamas every few months and wondered if there was a device that would help him safely navigate at night. We recommended a Pulsar Generation 1 Monocular with head mount that provided the visibility he needed and kept his hands free to sail the boat.

Q: Are night vision devices complicated to use?

A: Night vision devices are so easy to use that you'll never see a "Night Vision for Dummies" book.  Seriously, you never will.    

Q:  Which night vision technology should I choose - digital, standard, or thermal?

A:  Check out our videos page to see what it's like to observe with the 3 different night vision technologies and/or contact us - we'll give you our best recommendation based on how you wish to use night vision and your budget.  

Q:  I see that generation 1 and digital devices are the most affordable but how well can you really see?

A:  Today's generation 1 and digital devices provide great visibility in dark conditions, are extremely affordable, and could be perfect for your particular use. In general, generation 1 devices will provide great visibility up to about 75 yards on a clear night and digital devices will approximately double that distance.   If your budget allows, generation 2, 3, and thermal devices are the ultimate in night vision technology and provide clear visibility far beyond what generation 1 and digital devices provide.

Q:  Why can it take longer to get a generation 3 device?

A:  Generation 3 devices are among the highest quality night vision devices available and contain sophisticated components that are assembled per order to ensure quality, durability, and longevity.  We'll contact you if the ship date is longer than a week from purchase date.

Q: Do all night vision devices come with built-in recording?

A: No, only select model digital and thermal devices come with built-in recording.

Q: Do you see better with binoculars or monoculars?

A: The only difference between binoculars and monoculars is that you will have slightly better depth perception with a binocular verses a monocular simply because you are using both eyes. However, the image quality is going to be the same so it's really a matter of personal preference.

Q:  What exactly is a night vision "goggle"?

A:  Night vision goggles are simply monoculars or binoculars that come with a head or helmet mount for hands free use.

Q: How long will my night vision device last?

A: Goblin Night Vision carries only the highest quality products available on the market today with warranties ranging from 2 - 5 years. With proper care and handling, your device should give you hundreds of hours of trouble free use.  Remember, standard night vision devices cannot be used during the day or around bright light of any kind as the image intensification tube could be damaged.

Q: I saw "infrared illuminators" on your accessories page.  Is that something I need in order for my device to work properly? 

A: No, you do not need to purchase an external infrared illuminator in order for your device to work properly. Almost all night vision devices have a built-in illuminator that you can switch on and off to enhance visibility. However, external illuminators are an affordable option to "boost" the performance of any device and improve your ability to see farther and more clearly. Check out this video we made showing how illuminators can improve visibility.

Q: What if I order a device and it doesn't do what I expected?

A: You have 10 days from the date you receive an order to return it for a full refund - provided the merchandise is undamaged, shows no wear and tear, and is returned in the original box with all power cords, accessories, instructions, etc.  We ask that you contact us before you ship a device back so we can advise you as to where and how it should be shipped.

Q:  Do you have a night vision rental program?

A:  We do - please see our rental page for details.

Q: What does standard night vision look like? 

A: See night vision video of a lake.

Q: What does digital night vision look like? 

A: See night vision video of a raccoon.

Q: What does thermal imaging look like? 

A: See thermal imaging video of a car thief.